BuildmLearn Toolkit  2.0.4
BuildmLearn Toolkit is an easy-to-use program that helps users make mobile apps without any knowledge of application development.
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CApplicationKey application class containing all critical elements of the application
 CBaseNetworkAccessManagerBase class for all network access managers
 CCustomMessageBoxCustom message boxes
 CDebuggingDebugging facilities
 CDownloaderSimple file downloader with progress reporting
 CDynamicShortcutsAccess for methods for loading/saving keyboard shortcuts to/from settings
 CDynamicShortcutsWidgetWidget for displaying and editing shortcuts
 CFormAboutForm for displaying "about" information
 CFormHelpForm for displaying application help
 CFormMainMain application window
 CFormNewProjectDialog for creating new projects
 CFormSettingsForm for displaying and editting settings
 CFormSimulatorSeparate window which contains active simulator
 CFormUpdateDialog for showing update details
 CFormUploadBundleForm for uploading applications to BuildmLearn Store
 CIconFactoryIcon theme manipulator and provider
 CIOFactoryIO/files processing methods
 CLabelWithStatusIconified label widget
 CLanguageRepresentation of single localization
 CLearnSpellingsCoreCore of Learn Spellings template
 CLearnSpellingsEditorEditor widget of Learn Spellings template
 CLearnSpellingsEntryPointEntry point of Learn Spellings template
 CLearnSpellingsItemClass which represents single word for Learn Spellings template
 CLearnSpellingsSimulatorSimulator widget for Learn Spellings template
 CLineEditWithStatusCustom line edit with status icon
 CLocalizationLocalization facilities
 CNetworkFactoryNetwork-related functionality
 CPlainToolButtonTool button without frame
 CQuizCoreMain core of Quiz template
 CQuizEditorEditor for Quiz
 CQuizEntryPointEntry point
 CQuizItemWidget which represents single question in Quiz
 CQuizQuestionContainer for one question
 CQuizSimulatorSimulator for Quiz template
 CSettingsApplication-wide settings mechanism
 CShortcutButtonRepresents single button for changing keyboard shortcut
 CShortcutCatcherRepresents extra widget for changing single keyboard shortcut
 CSilentNetworkAccessManagerNetwork access manager with supressed authentication dialogs
 CSkinSkin representation
 CSkinFactoryMain features for skinning
 CStoreFactoryMain BuildmLearn Store functionality
 CSystemFactorySome miscellaneous methods
 CSystemTrayIconApplication-wide tray icon
 CTemplateCoreThe core class container for single template
 CTemplateEditorRepresents the editor of the template
 CTemplateEntryPointThe entry point for a template
 CTemplateFactoryThe top-level manager of templates
 CTemplateGeneratorGenerator responsible for generating APK mobile applications
 CTemplateSimulatorBase widget which represents simulator of the template
 CTemporarySettingsStructure holding some initial values
 CTextFactoryFunctionality for working with text
 CUpdateInfoInformation about available update
 CUpdateUrlInformation about update metadata
 CWebFactoryWeb-related functionality
 CWidgetWithStatusBase class for custom widgets with status icons